Just a li’l bit of me…


I am Aakriti, an ICT student from India and have started this blog with the idea of sharing some thoughts and talking of my love for code!
I am simple and crazy, like to live simple, laugh a lot, watch cartoons, listen to people, learn new things and code.
Keep reading for more and drop comments whenever you like.:)


  1. Tarunima says:

    Hi!!! This was a surprise 🙂

    1. aakritigupta says:

      Ok.Is this sarcasm?

  2. Satish Prasad says:

    Hi 🙂

    Can you just tell me what all do u study?

    I am a fresh engineering student & I wanna do things like you did with the presentation webapp stuff & be able (eligible enough) to work with wunderlist’s maker. Guidance for younger one please

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