My experience with an online Masters program in Computer Science

OMSCS is the online version of Georgia Tech's Masters program for Computer Science. I started in Spring 2016 and about 2.5 years later, I graduated in August, 2018. In this post I talk about why I chose OMS, how I balanced it with a full-time job, what it is like to study with almost no... Continue Reading →

How I got over my fear of biking

Yes, that's true. Some people are very scared of biking, or for that matter, to ride anything on the road at all. I was one of them. Until the social pressure, embarrassment and Berlin's cool bikers' caught on. Here are a few things from the time I was too nervous to rule the road and... Continue Reading →

Tschüs Berlin!

I have been in Berlin for the last three months, interning at 6WunderKinder. Now is the time to pack up and head back home. Mixed feelings because, I am so going to miss the colorful city and I am so excited to be back in a warmer climate. Berlin is entering the 7 month this... Continue Reading →

Presentations, the [new] Stage way!

I am currently at the Desktop Summit in Berlin. The city is awesome and it has been great walking around the cathedrals, talking boat rides and clicking lots of pictures. I am building a new mode in Stage where a user can make animated SVGs, as my GSoC project. Today I presented my work and... Continue Reading →

Just a li’l bit of me…

Hi! I am Aakriti, an ICT student from India and have started this blog with the idea of sharing some thoughts and talking of my love for code! I am simple and crazy, like to live simple, laugh a lot, watch cartoons, listen to people, learn new things and code. Keep reading for more and... Continue Reading →

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