Tschüs Berlin!

I have been in Berlin for the last three months, interning at 6WunderKinder. Now is the time to pack up and head back home. Mixed feelings because, I am so going to miss the colorful city and I am so excited to be back in a warmer climate.

Berlin is entering the 7 month this winter and it is still snowing! Its probably Berlin’s personal welcome for the third season of Game of thrones! Winter Game of thrones is coming!

This was my first time seeing snow, and now I’m no longer scared of the winter. Oh, I don’t mean I’ll stand guard at the Wall, c’mon!

My favourite were the long rides on the subways and buses, rushing past colorful graffiti and counting the co-passengers’ visible piercings.

Last week I took three days completely for sight seeing in Berlin with my cousin. (I give her all the credit for pushing me out of the bed on the cold mornings.)

Berlin is looks even more beautiful when it is sunny. I visited some of the museums on the museum island. The Pergamon museum was amazing.

We climbed to the top of Victoria’s column which stands in the centre of Tiergarten. It stands at the cross section of 5 roads and you stand looking at the Brandenburg Tor straight ahead.

Night time is the best for visiting the Brandenburg Tor. It looks beautiful and some artists perform on the road near it.

However, the most amazing experience I had in Berlin was when I reached the top of the Berliner Dom, successfully completing the walkway to see the whole city from the top of the cathedral. The walkway is long and walking all the way alone to reach the breath-taking scenery was a memorable experience. The bridge over spree and the super long TV tower look gorgeous from there!

Sitting by Spree sipping coffee, with local musicians playing soft music, in the evening, is one thing I wish I do before leaving Berlin.

The other is taking a ride on the bus number 100 which takes you around all the important and beautiful places in the city. Very useful for someone in the city for a short while.

I didn’t quite get addicted to Club Mate so I don’t know if I can be called a true Berliner, yet but I do feel the urge to go and satisfy the painter in me on the walls. 😛

This trip also made me more appreciative of all kinds of food. A maximum of 15 minutes of walking will bring you to restaurants of so many cuisines. The city has people from such a variety of cultures that you get to try a lot of new food here. Of course it is a drawback if you’re a vegetarian, which is the case with me.

Tschüs Berlin!


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